New to the Blogging world

I have never blogged before so, If I am bad at it please let me know this all new to me. So this blog will be about me getting into blogging.

Where to Begin & How it Began

Hi, My name is Michael Redding I am a 28 year old Content creator. I originally started the concept of Emjayography in 2009 shortly after graduating high school. I only got my first camera (Nikon 3000) a year prior for Christmas, so I was about 17 year old at the time. I was a Novice knew nothing about ISO, Shutter Speed or F/stop so that being said I disliked my first camera because I just thought it wasn't any good, little did I know I just didn't know how to use it. I then picked up at Canon EOS T2i, instantly fell in love with it. With my T2i I took the time to actually learn the settings, how they worked and even took a photography class to learn more at CCBC. With my new found skill in photography I started shooting a lot more. It all started when a Friend of mine asked me to take photos of her, shortly after our shoot I posted the photos up and made her a little website for people to view her photos (pre-Instagram days) she called me to tell me she got a modeling agency contract from the photos I took. I was stunned! Needless to say I love the feeling I gave her and the feeling I felt when she told me it took her places. I knew if I was going to continue as a photographer I needed to brand myself. I started calling myself Mj photography, then noticed that someone else had this name as well... Didn't want to be like them since I am original. One day another friend of mine, texted me and said hey man you should spell your name like "Emjay" I was like hmmm... That's when I sat back down at my computer and did some research... and yep as I though there was already an Emjay photography. I paused and was like alright I like this name and I do photography but I also do videography as well. Then Light bulb struck both photography & Videography both have an "ography" so I took my nickname Emjay and added ography to formally beknown as "Emjayography"

Now That I have a Name

A few weeks after I started branding myself as Emjayography I started shooting more clients both male & female along with music artist. When I worked with music artist I actually went under then name P.R.O.M.. Why because well P.R.O.M. meant Promoting Real Original Music. At the time I thought it was cleaver but also trying to brand myself. I was mixing to many brands so I dropped P.R.O.M. and put everything under Emjayography. Once I was a few months in to the starting of what we have created today something bad happen... My T2i GOT STOLEN... yep stole from right out of my car. Did I mention, it was after a deer hitting my car. Talk about the worst night ever. Anyway I started saving money up to then get a T3i since I loved my T2i. Feel in love with it so much as you can tell I love canon EOS, or... Did. After shooting for several years with my T3i about 2 years ago I new I needed to upgrade so I got a 70D. I still have both camera and love them but over the last 2 years I have started shooting more weddings, and low light concerts. I felt it was time, time to up grade to full frame but... I am now finding myself saving money up for a wedding so I don't have a ton of money to work with and new baby on the way. I quickly realized I have a bunch of weddings coming up and it was worth the investment so I went online and did some research.. knowing that I could never afford a Canon 5D mark iii (the camera I have been pining over). So I did even more reseach and I found a Sony full frame camera with a 24mm - 70mm

for about $1000. I bought it right away it came like the day before my son was born. I used it for the first time taking photos of my son. Alright so now you know about how I got started and so much more about me. Stay tuned for more blogs about Camera Gear, Wedding Tips, and Much more. Also let me know how I did on my first blog... Hope I didn't ramble to much! Thanks for the read.

Major first photo on Sony a7

P.s. I know I am really bad a punctuation but I am trying... not much of a writer.

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