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"Your Future is Just a Flash Away!"

  Emjayography LLC is a growing photography studio located in Taneytown, Maryland owned and operated by Michael "Emjay" Redding. Emjayography first got it's name in 2009 when I first started discovering my passion for photography/videography.


  Emjayography was originally established to help musicians & models grow their following with stunning photographs. Since then I have grown my passion to also include photographing families, weddings, and large events. Helping others grow, love and feel confident is why photography is my passion. When I am behind a camera I feel like anything is possible, brining new life to any moment or feeling.


  With over 13 years of experience, hard work & dedication to my craft I have learned a lot about myself and my photography. I pride myself on always being honest, helpful and Imaginative. They say do what you love, and love what you do , for me that is photography. 

  Photographing is only one piece of Emjayography. I believe that it is my skill in editing that really brings my photos to life. My training in many different types of editing gives me the opportunity to create any look or feel I want in my images. This also separates me from other photographers who send out their images to editing labs. I, however do all my own editing in-house so that I can give each photo the care that it deserves. 


   Why should I choose Emjayography? If your still asking this question I would love to give you more reason but I think my work speaks for it self. My photograph style reflects on my clients wants and/or needs. As I have shared before this is my passion so I like to go the extra mile to make award winning photographs, worthy of framing & publishing. 


Our Mission

It's Time you start following your dreams! We are here to help you succeed in following your dream whether you're getting married, starting a family, are an aspiring model, a talented musician or someone who wants to start a small business. We have everything you need to make your dream a reality.

our vision

Our Vision is to capture beautiful images for your upcoming wedding, help you find your success as a model, music artist, or small business owner. Providing you with the tools to succeed, whether its photography, video production, and graphic design or marketing to help you development.

our passion

We are committed to helping others not just follow their dreams but succeed in them as well to become whatever makes them who they are; whether you're an aspiring Model, Talented Musician or just someone who wants to start their own business.



Our Photography Services:





- Portraits


- Boudoir

- Realestate






Video Production

Our Video Production Service:

- Wedding 

-Kinetic Typography

-Music Videos

- Interviews

-Video Portfolios


-Stage Events

-Small Digital Effects

-Instagram Ads

-Acting Reels

and more

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Services:

-Flyer Design

-Logo Design

-Cover Art

-Business Card Design

-Magazine Covers or Pages



-Graphic Art

-App Previews

-T-shirt Design


-Social Media Graphics

Other Services

Other Services:

-Model Management

-Musician Management

-Website Design/Hosting

-Fashion Advice




-Tattoo design

-Dj Services





My first time shooting was incredible! I felt so comfortable in my own skin for once! I just had fun with it and my pictures turned out amazing! I'm so happy with the results they gave me! I will definitely be shooting with them again.


This was an amazing experience! I love all of my pictures. it was so fun to do the different types fashion outfits. The different types of landscaping was so phenomenal for these pictures as a whole. He's an awesome photographer. i would definitely refer him as someone's photographer.

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